Solent Stars - End of Season Comments (1996/97)

Mick Byrne's early season heart attack meant that he had to take to the sidelines for the rest of the season. However, he was still fully committed to the club and these are his programme notes taken from the last programme of the season for the 1996/97 season.

"Thank You.

I could not have survived the season without all these persons around The Park tonight. First let me give thanks to the first person you see. Jenny Barfoot looks after the Box Office and Club Finances with the minimum of fuss. Next there are the door stewards, Steve Peacock and Andy Jackson. The hall has already been set up by Promoter Dave Hedley, Ken Rowlands, Richard Sheldrick and his wife, Julia. The programmes and raffle tickets are sold by Sharon and Amy and Bob Beggs.

The table is taken care of by Julie Mills, Sarah Hamer, Zoe and Sean Daniel, Cliff Fullbrook and is always amongst the best in the country.

The bench is serviced by Glen Follett who is our Golden Gofor and keeps the players happy. Dave Hedley looks after the opposition and the referees and ensures that the court is ready and equipment is working. Steve Witt provides the kit and team list and also feeds mints and gum to the players and waters them, and sometimes awaits anxiously for the late comers.

Jimmie Guymon looks after the team once they arrive on court and during the game. Derek Browning makes sure that the players make the court fit and ready to play. Dave Heron (home) and Sarah Hamer (away) make sure every shot, turnover, rebound etc are recorded.

Jim Rumsey makes sure you know what is happening on the court.

Bob Paulley and his office staff make sure that you can read about the team and in all they are a very formidable team.

The players have stuck to the task with more heart than you would expect during a very difficult season. The basis is there for a new start to next season. My thanks go out to Martin and his crew, who have shown a lot of character in seeing it out.

The last group which makes our promotion worthwhile is you, the supporters. There are no better supporters in the division. You are knowledgeable and fair to all the referees and opposition. You are the reason we keep going.


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