Solent Stars - In Memorium - The Fast Break

As the season progressed, and with only one win from six league games at the start of the 1994/95 season, so frustration built up. Here, in the programme notes an anonymous contributor to the November 26th match against Stockton Mohawks puts a point of view.


DEFINITION: The quick downcourt movement by a team in offense, usually following a missed shot by the other team. The intent is to get down the floor before the defending team can set up, thereby giving the offense an easy shot at the basket. ~ (Sam Goldaper and Arthur Pincus "How to Talk Basketball")

Those of us that have watched basketball here over the years are, if you are of the same opinion, regretting the loss of the fast break feature from our game. True, Richard Cutler did lob the ball from one end of the court to the other in one match. But, the mere fact that it stands out in the memory only adds to the notion that we don't see many end-to-end exchanges.

When Plymouth used 28 seconds on their first offense last week we had some idea of their game plan. You will never see Brixton play like that - you only have to see that they scored 160 points in last week's match to know that they were playing their usual run and gun game.

What you need for a fast break is a defensive rebound (well done, Richard) and a quick outlet pass to a team mate heading downcourt. Fitness, speed and frequent substitutions also help - come and watch Brixton later in the season.

Paul Philp, Karl Tatham, Dan Callandrillo were usually fast away when Mark Saiers or T J Robinson pulled the ball off the board. You never saw Roy Lewis posing around on the edge of the key while the crowd watched the paint dry as the ball was brought up court. Still, it is up to the coach and players to decide their best tactics using our current strengths and obviously the fast break has been ruled out - or has it?"

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