Solent Stars - Press Headlines (1992/93)

It was not all sweetness and light in the 1992/93 season as we were reminded by the local press on occasion……..

(Key: N - The News, S - The Echo, E - Eastleigh Weekly News)

Solent Strike Victory (N) New Boys Solent Make Bright Start (S) Solent Make Happy Return to Second Flight (E) v LEWISHAM Sept 19th

The heat is on unsung hero (S) Barfoot back in business (N) Solent win thriller in dying seconds (E) v CARDIFF Oct 3rd

Heavy home defeat for Solent Stars (E) Shattered Stars to see video nasty of thrashing (N) v WARE Nov 21st

So near and yet so far for brave Solent (N) 'I quit' coach has a change of heart (S) Solent so close in amazing finale (E) v DONCASTER Dec 5th

Stars slip into danger zone (E) Six defeats in a row for falling Stars (S) v PLYMOUTH Jan 16th

Sad Solent struck by Lightning (S) Byrne blasts sorry Stars (N) Crushing blow as Solent lose to the bottom team (E) v LEWISHAM Jan 23rd

Stars delight the faithful (S) Fans stay loyal as Solent halt slide (E) Generals fall to old guard v BARNSLEY Jan 30th

Solent slump to heaviest defeat (E) Brixton jinx haunts Stars (N) Falling Stars (S) v BRIXTON Feb 21st

Depleted Stars slump again (S) Luckless Solent crushed by runaway Division 2 leaders (E) v DONCASTER Mar 14th

and now for the good news............

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